How to connect a Brother printer (Touch Screen) to WiFi

Brother printers have earned a big name among the computer users all across the globe. Available in a variety of models and types, these printers are a synonym to the excellence and supreme quality. In addition to these two key characteristics, Brother Printers are also recognized for their long life and easy installation and set up. You can connect a Brother printer to a computer system through a wired or wireless connection. Once connected, you can print the documents without any hassle.

Before you start connecting your printer to a wireless network, note down your Network name and network key. To know how to check these two wireless network settings, connect to the Brother Printer customer support number and get immediate assistance from a certified technician. (Please note that the Brother printers support only the first WEP KEY. If your device is connected to a router that is using one or more WEP KEY, then take only the first WEP KEY.)

To configure the wireless settings, follow these instructions:

For Touch Screen Brother Printers

  1. Turn on your Brother printer and press the Settings button on the touch screen panel
  2. Select All Settings and then follow this path:
    • Network -> WLAN -> Setup Wizard
  3. The wireless setup wizard will start running
  4. Tap Yes when you see Switch Network Interface to Wireless
  5. The printer will start searching for the wireless networks available
    6. Press Up or Down key to select the network of your choice
  6. Now press OK
    1. Enter the network key if you are using an encryption and authentication method for the security
    2. Now press OK, and then Yes
  7. You will see the status “Connected” after the machine successfully connects to the WiFi network

In case the connection fails, note down the error code being displayed on the touch screen panel and call Brother Printer customer service number and get help from an expert. It will not take more than a minute to get connected to the support team. To know the steps required to connect a Brother printer that doesn’t have a touch screen panel to a WiFi network, call Brother Printer support number.

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