How to Update Lexmark Printer Firmware Utility?

Lexmark is undoubtedly a renowned name in the printing industry. It renders a wide assortment of printers each with different configuration and specification. Be it for small & medium businesses or enterprise large business Lexmark printers have always been appreciated for their excellent performance, outstanding features, advanced technology, reasonable price, ease of installation, and high-quality printing. To assist both new and existing Lexmark printer users on different processes, the brand also offers round the clock Lexmark printer support services.

Like any other printer’s firmware, every Lexmark printer’s firmware also needs to be updated. Before you check out steps for the same, it would be good to understand what is a firmware and how does it function. Here, in this article, we have provided detailed information on the same:

What is Lexmark printer’s firmware?

A printer’s firmware is a built-in program that is responsible for receiving information from a computer system (or any other device) and converting the same into a printed image. It is a part of both cartridge and ink toner. For further information, contact Lexmark printer support number and get in touch with the support professionals.

How does a firmware work?

After the successful installation of drivers, when the printer gets ready for printing, it is the firmware that picks up the message from the computer system and transfers it to the printer. To know further, you can speak to a certified technician by dialing Lexmark printer Support number.

How to update Lexmark printer’s firmware?

Updating Lexmark printer’s firmware is necessary to inject new technology and to add new bug fixes. Here is how you can do it with the USB Flash Utility:

(Please note that the procedure given below is applicable if you are upgrading or updating the firmware

with .fls, .pjl, .flb, .flp, .flc, .flm, .flf, .fly, and .fla extensions)

1. Extract both USB Flash Utility and firmware file

2. Now, double-click on the USB flash Utility icon

3. Choose the correct printer model from Select Printer From List

4. Click Browse to access the firmware file directory

5. Choose the needed file and hit Open

6. Verify the right firmware file from entering Filename to Flash to Printer

7. Hit the Start button

8. Wait until the process finishes

9. Now, check the printer’s LED or LCD or control panel display for flash status

10. After the process completes, the printer will return to Ready state

11. Congratulations, Lexmark printer’s firmware utility has been successfully updated!

If you have any query, dial Lexmark printer help number and speak to experts.